Whilst the team at Silly Notebooks are dedicated to the production of notebooks, we are always on the lookout for other publishing opportunities. If you have any upcoming print publishing projects and require the services of an experienced professional, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Print publishing expertise


Ben Lefroy spent part of his 22 years in publishing working for Adobe Systems Europe as an account manager, looking after the top 24 corporate publishing accounts in the UK. He has also been called upon on a number of occasions to work for Adobe in a freelance capacity since leaving the company.


He has been involved in the launch of several high-profile titles over the years, not to mention providing technical advice and assistance, where required, on the use of Adobe's print publishing software, to the production staff in the UK's largest magazine and newspaper publishers.


If you need help with the production or prepress aspect of any job, please get in touch.

Using your own notebook design


If you have your own idea for a notebook or perhaps you even have a design that you would like to use, please contact us via the online form or via e-mail and we can discuss the suitability of your idea or design. Each notebook has its own ISBN number and, as such, must display the relevant barcode on the rear of the book.


You can download a template for cover design here.



If you are a designer and would like to sell your work via Silly Notebooks, then please contact us to discuss the terms. We do not charge a fee for putting your designs onto notebooks and publishing them via Amazon, we just take a percentage from any sales. So it is a zero-risk option for you to promote your work and earn some cash for designs that might just be sitting on your hard drive.


You can download a template for cover design here.