At Silly Notebooks, we believe in happiness. And whilst we cannot simply box happiness and sell it online, we can try to inject a little bit of happiness into the lives of those around us by selling something which puts smiles on faces.


A notebook is usually a very mundane item and not really something you would consider giving as a present to a friend. If, however, you can give a notebook to someone which makes them happy and causes them to think of you every time they use it, then it becomes a wonderful gift which keeps on giving.


We endeavour to capture a little bit of that happiness in each of our designs and we have yet to see anyone receive one without their face lighting up. It is only a little thing, but it can brighten someone's day, and you do not need an excuse to give someone a new notebook. There are no awkward connotations behind a notebook. A notebook is a far safer bet than flowers or lingerie... especially for your male friends. It is an innocent token of friendship.


The experienced team at Silly Notebooks plans to grow the number of designs indefinitely and we would love to have your input. If you have an idea for a notebook, please let us know. If you think it has the potential to put a smile on someone's face, we will publish it for you and put it on Amazon. Perhaps you just have a favourite drawing from one of your children you would like on a notebook? Or a photograph in your collection that you want to see on the cover of a book? We will design and publish it for you, free of charge Our only expectation is that you will then buy it from Amazon, and we reserve the right to add any books we publish to the Silly Notebooks website for purchase by other customers.


So, if you believe in happiness too, then feel free to contact us with your ideas.


We look forward to hearing from you.